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     Renedra G. Barksdale is said to be a truly gifted hair stylist. At a very young age she showed her mother who was a nail technician working for Peaches Hair Oasis in the early 90's, by assisting professionals at the salon. Renedra then developed a passion for the hair industry.

      In 2006 she enrolled into the Artistic Nail and Beauty Academy to become a professional beautician herself. Her instructor observed her talents early on and she embarked on employment at Clarke's Hair Design. Being there for five and a half years Renedra later established her own beauty salon, RareTouch Hair Palace in 2011.

     To keep up with the evolving industry she further educated herself by getting more training from Patrick Bradley, Micheline Barber, Razor Chic, Dudley School of  Cosmetology, Bronner Brothers and more. With that being said Renedra's work also had the opportunity to be featured in Micheline Barber (Ms1Salon) Magazines Vol.1 & Vol.2, video shoots of celebrity entertainers, Sunday's Best Runner up, Gospel Artist Mary Rieves and the wives of professional athletes. She has even had the opportunity to dabble in the Hip Hop world by styling the hair of vixen's on various video shoots for the Florida rapper, Plies. Renedra is also the stylist of Rachel Saintfort who was recently interviewed by People's Magazine for her one hundred pound weight loss.   

      At RareTouch Hair Palace, prepare yourself for an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Renedra's goal is to exceed your expectations.

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